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5 Songs for the Xylophone!

5 Songs for the Xylophone!

Xylophones all vary a little in size, sound and material, but they most commonly follow the design and layout of the one we’ve shown here. Our song selections will also work for piano toys too, just find where the CDEFGABC keys are and you’re all set to play away.

Our top pick for an entry level xylophone is the Djeco Animambo Metallophone. It is an eight note wooden xylophone with metal keys perfect for youngsters 3 years and older. If you are looking for a full wooden xylophone that is also in tune then the PlayMe 12 Key Wooden Xylophone is a clear winner. It is a 12 key xylophone and does not have coloured keys, but it is a beautiful heirloom quality instrument that is sure to last for generations.

Neither of these options suit? We have over 20 different xylophones and xylophone toys to choose from and you can check out our full range here.

Whichever xylophone you choose, our song selections below will create hours of musical fun.

We do recommend mastering the Happy Birthday song to make family birthday celebrations extra special 🎉

Have fun and get musical!

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