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Mother's Day Blog Post

Flowers for Mum this Mother's Day

We all appreciate the love and care our mothers (and mother figures) give us every day of the year but Mother’s Day is the perfect day to fuss over her just a little more - even when she says not to make a fuss!

"Mums" come in lots of forms and the special mother figures in your life could be your mum, grandma, nanna, aunty, guardian or ‘mumdad’. 

A flower as a gift is always a winner but we have decided to add a twist and come up with a list of unique flowers presents to put a smile on Mum's face this Mother’s Day.


For the little hands who love to build their gift, here are some great options.

Early Puzzle Flowers

A collection of four small flower puzzles. These puzzles vary in difficulty and the number of pieces from 3 to 6. A great starter for the little puzzlers to work on together with mum.

Blue Bird 500 Piece Round Puzzle

A great puzzle to give to mum and then complete together around a table.

Build a Bouquet

Little florists can create a collection of lilies, petunias and daisies using a combination of the 44 pieces in this set.


Breathing in the fresh, cool autumn air is another great way to spend time with Mum.

Flower Pot 4 Piece Set

This set contains four different coloured pots, a trowel and a hand fork. It is a great starting kit to plant some flowers to brighten the garden or windowsill. 

Green Science Pressed Flower Art

Explore the garden and collect some flowers to put into a flower press. When they are ready, they can be used for beautiful art creations or even on the front of your homemade Mother’s Day card.

Large Sand Garden Set

Whether you are digging in the sandpit or at the beach with sand between your toes, this garden set is a great way to create a flower in the sand for mum. The set includes a flower, stem, leaf and butterfly.


A handmade gift is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and here are some ideas for how to make your own gift.

Origami Tropics

This origami kit comes complete with instructions and multiple sheets to create two different coloured origami flowers. Butterflies, birds and turtles can also be created using this kit.

DIY Little Fairy Wands

A flower fairy wand is the perfect way to put some magic into the day. The kit includes the base, decals, stickers and ribbon to make four fairy wands - one for every fairy in the family to create magic all day long.

Jumbo Creation Box

Your imagination can run wild as you create a flower, or a whole bouquet with this large range of craft supplies. You might choose to make a flower from pipe cleaners, pom poms or even paddle pop sticks. Add some colour and sparkle with a variety of sequins. These special flowers will last, and last!

Mother's Day Flower Craft

How will your little ones choose to spoil Mum as she sits back, relaxes and smells the roses this Mother’s Day?

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Anna Bartlett - March 17, 2022

I love all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing

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