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Greeting from the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair – Day One

Hi Toy Lovers, this is Elf Johanna checking in from Hong Kong where I just completed my first day at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair! The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is the largest of its type in Asia with over 2,500 exhibitors, and millions and millions of fantastic toys. With the important task of sniffing out the newest and greatest toys in the market, you can be assured that great things are on their way to Elf HQ.

While I was prepared for a Toy Fair of epic proportions I was gobsmacked by the sheer size and amount of toys I saw today. The halls seemed innumerable and never-ending, and I look forward to attempting to try to tackle them in the coming days.

Today was an extremely busy and formal day with meeting after meeting with new potential toy suppliers. It’s such an experience to talk to so many people from all around the world so passionate about their products. From traditional globes, to new-age science kits and baby toys in every shape, size and colour you can think of, it’s hard not to feel star-struck. Speaking of stars, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have my photo taken with the incredibly handsome Hape Dog.

The Hape Dog and Elf Johanna

With lots of formalities to attend to today, I didn’t get a heap of opportunities to take photos. However, I intend to make it up to you tomorrow and the day after, so keep an eye on our social media channels. Below are a few snaps of my favourite stands.

Traditional Wooden Games and Toys from Thailand

Loads of beautiful Speedsters

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