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Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair – Day Three (Last Day)

Today was my third and final day at the 2018 Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, and was my last opportunity to make sure I had dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. As I spent my time re-walking the halls I had passed down previously in the last two days I wasn’t prepared for the surprises I found. With fresh eyes and fresh feet I uncovered some fantastic gems that I’m excited to share with you now.

Early in the morning, in the last ally way, in the last hall I found a fantastic company called Robotime Technology. Robotime Technology specialise in complex wooden construction toys that are gender-neutral and suited to older children (12 – adult). Below are a few photos of their products; my personal favourite is the DIY Houses.

Clockwise Two DIY Construction Houses, a Bunny and a Cat DIY Pot Plant and a DIY Moving Ferris Wheel

My next discovery was Elou – a Portuguese company that makes all their products from cork. Portugal has many Quercus suber trees (aka cork oaks) in the south of their country and they do a lot of inventive things with the material. Fortunately for the trees, Elou only need a bark to make their products. Therefore, the trees continue to grow and provide a safe habitat for animals while Elou create brilliant toys for us! Below is a snap of their stall.

Elou Stall

I finally managed to get into the popular and therefore very busy Hape stand to see what new and exciting things we can expect to see this year. It’s fair to say I was not disappointed and I don’t think you will be either. Firstly, the Quadrilla range is getting a facelift with new packaging AND a whole new range of accessories (musical components included). Secondly, they have created a fantastic new railway station that has some very impressive features along with three new engines. Finally, they have also brought out a new range of outdoor bamboo products! You can expect to see all of these at Elf HQ in the near future so keep your eyes peeled. For now here is a sneaky snap of Hape’s epic Quadrilla display.

Hape’s impressive Quadrilla Display

Unfortunately that concludes my experience at the 2018 Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair. Overall it was a fantastic event, and I feel like one very special elf to have been given this brilliant opportunity. While my feet are sore I’m already looking forward to our next toy fair! Thanks for reading and bye for now,

Elf Johanna

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