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A Fun Introduction to Gardening with Mrs Green!

A Fun Introduction to Gardening with Mrs Green!

We can't think of many better things than teaching children about the wonders of nature - in this case, plants and gardening. The benefits of doing so can't be understated:

  • Establishes an appreciation for the environment.
  • A great exercise in learning patience and long term rewards.
  • Educational. Spark an interest in gardening and phytology.
  • Flowers. Look. Cool!

Time-lapse of a sunflower life-cycle.

And there's no better way to introduce kids to gardening than with Mrs Green

New to Entropy, Mrs Green products are specifically designed with first-time gardeners in mind to make growing your very own plants a breeze. Each set comes with easy to follow instructions and everything you need to help your little seed grow into a beautiful plant.




Explore our full range of Mrs Green sets on Entropy!

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