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Playing Safe with Micro Scooters

Playing Safe with Micro Scooters

For many of us parents, the idea our children playing out on the streets on a Micro Scooter leaves us with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, it’s incredibly heart-warming to see our kids grow up and be able to achieve new and fun physical activities (and anything involving the outdoors and exercise is always a plus!) but on the other hand, it can be intimidating when thinking about introducing our kids to the potential dangers of playing near roads. So to help, here’s a list of some important things for us to discuss with our children to help them stay safe before they hop onto their shiny new scooters.

1. Never Scoot on the road

Scooters are not allowed to be on the roads. Cars and traffic will not be expecting them, and due to the size of the scooter wheels they can easily catch on drains and potholes, causing the rider to fall into the road. Make sure your child is sticking to the pavement where it is much safer.

2. Stop, Look, Listen, Live

Before crossing the street, always come to a complete stop and dismount the scooter. Look both ways, listen for any potential dangers, and cross when it’s safe. Never ride a scooter when crossing the street for the same reasons as above.

3. Be Aware of your Surroundings 

Observe potential dangers such as doorways, walls, fences and corners that prevent you from seeing what is on the other side. Travel at a sensible speed, and don’t ride too close to people. Give yourself the time and space you need to come to an unexpected stop.

4. Skateparks

It may be tempting to perform stunts and tricks on curbs of pavements, but they are not the safest place to do so. Accidents and falls can lead to a rider landing in the road where they are at risk. Save this style of riding your scooter for the Skatepark, where it is much safer.

5. Safety Equipment

Helmets and pads will help cushion any trips or falls. If your little one is a little reluctant at first to wearing a helmet, you may want to try one featuring one of their favourite characters printed on it. My son loves his Buzz Lightyear helmet!

6. Take Part in the Micro Scooter Safety Program

The Micro Scooter Safety Program is a fun filled session teaching primary school children how to use their scooters safely. Through a successful, tried and tested curriculum of fun practical workshops and games, children learn safety rules they can rely on to ensure their security amongst road users.

7. Repeat These Messages

When was the last time you needed to tell your child something just once? The steps above will be best followed when repeated, and recited together, with your child.


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