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Eeboo Round Puzzle Blog Post

Round Puzzle Favourites by Eeboo

What has one side, no corners, goes round and round and looks beautiful? An Eeboo round puzzle of course!

Eeboo is a family owned and operated business that cares about the environment. All of their puzzles are made with 90% recycled greyboard, printed with soy based inks and don’t come in giant boxes or with any unnecessary packaging.

The company commissions original artwork from acclaimed children's book illustrators to create designs that are fun and original. They have won numerous toy awards for their beautiful puzzles including 201 Oppenheim Toy Awards as well as 16 SNAP (special needs adaptable) awards.

Eeboo has a unique range of 500 piece puzzles which are round and perfect for the whole family. There will be no disagreements about who is sitting ‘in front’ of the puzzle! Everyone has the best vantage point from their own seat. Lots of chatter will be heard about the wonderful illustrations you can see from your seat. You might even need to play musical chairs to experience the wonder of these puzzles from every angle.

Here are five of our favourite Eeboo round puzzles which can bring your whole family together around the table.

Eeboo Biodiversity Round Puzzle
For the biologists in the family, this puzzle contains images of a large variety of organisms found on our planet. They are each represented in the puzzle by an image and the name written beside. Every individual organism plays a vital role in our world, just like this puzzle with all of the individual pieces linking together to make a whole.  


Eeboo Round Puzzle Mushrooms
Mushrooms & Butterflies
An image of beautiful butterflies flying around a garden full of colourful and varying mushrooms. This puzzle is for everyone wanting to have some fun-gi in their life.



Eeboo Fish & Boats Round Puzzle
Fish & Boats
Dive down into the deep blue sea and you discover a wide variety of colourful fish swimming below. The puzzle image contains various boats, people swimming and birdlife completely unaware of the beautiful colours and creatures gliding in the water beneath them.



Eeboo Blue Bird Round Puzzle

Blue Bird
This puzzle contains vibrant colours and amazing detail for everyone to admire. It is an image of two birds, surrounded by the most exquisite flowers and is created using a collage of embroidery from around the world.




Eeboo Unicorn Round Puzzle

Unicorn Garden
Let your imagination run wild with this unicorn playing in a magical garden full of life. Lots of little animals and critters are hiding throughout the garden, just waiting for you to spot them in a game of eye spy with your family. 


Which Eeboo round puzzle will you choose to bring your family together around the table?

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