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Toys from Bluey

10 Toys We Spotted in 'Bluey'

If you've watched even just a little TV with your kids lately there's a good chance you've caught the hit Australian cartoon series 'Bluey'. The show has gained widespread acclaim among kids, parents and critics. The series has obliterated ABC iView viewership records and it's easy to see why! There is just such a funny and playful nature to each episode. It's also refreshing to see the gentle approach that the parents take with raising their kids... and hey!... a competent dad who isn't a stereotypical buffoon!

If the show is about one thing, it's play. Each episode explores a way in which the simple act of a child's playtime can help them grow and understand the world a little better. It's adorable, it's hilarious, and all too often it has us tearing up at 8 in the morning before we've even had a chance to properly¬†start¬†the day. Bluey meets a new friend while camping, but doesn't get a chance to say goodbye?! Don't even get me started! ūüė≠ The point is, for a child, play can be¬†everything.

And it wouldn't be play time without some toys, and boy-oh-boy do Bluey and Bingo have some wonderful toys! Sometimes the toy will be integral to the storyline, while others are tucked away somewhere in the background. Either way, we're always very excited to spot some of our favourites that make an appearance in such a wonderful, heartfelt show.

Here are some of our favourites we've seen so far!

1. Xylophone
Bluey and Bingo pretend their xylophone has the magical power to freeze people! 



2. Nins
Ok, so they're little Dog Nins, but this whole scene reminded us a lot of the entire Grapat range.

 3. Nins Tomtens
Bluey's friend Honey needs a gnome to complete her village, again reminding us of Grapat.

 4. Music Box
Bingo and Bluey's music box is too cute for words.

5. Card Matching Game
While taking a break from climbing all over dad, Bingo and Bluey play a card matching game a lot like Slapzi.

6. Doctor Play Sets
There are actually a couple of episodes we've seen where Bluey and Bingo are busy playing Doctors and Nurses!... "STING!".

7. Horses
Bingo takes over the room with her collection of (is that Schleich?) Horses.

8. Seahorse
Perfect for the pool or the bath!

9. Floppy Rabbit + 10. Shape Sorting Toy
This is a two for one! Bingo finds her lost floppy bunny rabbit, but also, check out that lovely looking wooden shape sorting set!


We'll stay on the lookout for more wonderful toys in 'Bluey' as new episodes air on ABC Kids.

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