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What Toys Do When We're Not Looking!

What Toys Do When We're Not Looking!

Come on, admit it... we've all thought about it... what if our toys had a secret life of their own, but they only moved when we weren't looking?

I remember seeing Toy Story for the first time when I was nine years old, and for about a week afterward I'd try and sneak into my bedroom and catch my toys getting up to some kind of secret shenanigans. Needless to say I never did catch my toys moving even just a budge...  perhaps they were just too sneaky for me.

In any case, it's fun to imagine the secret lives of our toys! Here's what I think some of our favourite toys at Entropy would get up to when nobody was around!...

Wooden Magnetic Rocket Puzzle

Although fully aware he was a toy, I think this little guy would be determined to make it to the moon. Seems unlikely though. Maybe he could settle for making it up to the roof to get a better view of the moon on a nice clear night.

Janod Rocket Wooden Puzzle

Sylvanian Families Rabbits

Hands down these would be the nicest toys in the room! Always there to lend a helping hand to any of the other toys.

Roly Leon

Aww, poor Roly Leon. He badly wants to join the secret adventures with the other toys, but has a hard time moving from the spot! Sure, he can wobble back and forth and maybe chime in with the occasional wise-crack... but that's about it for him.
Roll Leon Lion

Ostheimer Blackbird

Ooh, Blackbird would be the most important toy in the group! As the look-out, when blackbird squarks the other toys know it's time to hit the deck and pretend to be lifeless!
ostheimer blackbird

Tyrannosaurus 3D Wood Kit

He'd be the toughest toy in the pack for sure! If the family's cat or dog try to mess with any of the other toys, ol' Tyrannosaur here will scare them off!

Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Wooden Kit


How about you? 
Did you ever imagine your toys coming to life when no one was looking?
What do you think your favourite toys would get up to in their secret life?

All of these wonderful toys and thousands more
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