Doll Furniture

Indigo Jamm
Hearts Pram
Indigo Jamm
Hearts Rocking Cot
Indigo Jamm Hascombe House
Indigo Jamm
Hascombe House
Indigo Jamm Hearts High Chair
Indigo Jamm
Hearts High Chair

Doll prams, cradles and beds are classic toys that have been loved by children for centuries. It is well-known that playing with dolls is a fun way for children to develop their cognitive, fine motor, communication and social-emotional skills. Adding beds, cradles and prams extend the play value of dolls and teddies while encouraging more imaginative play. These accessory pieces can also help children overcome major milestones; for example, the transition into a big bed or the introduction of a new sibling. Enjoy treating your doll to some luxury goodies!