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Free Shipping for Orders $250+ (excludes bulky)
Free Shipping for Orders $250+ (excludes bulky)
by Engino

Newton's Laws Inertia & Energy STEM Kit

Available Soon
Available Soon

Learn all about Newton's laws of motion which are the basis of classical mechanics. Experiment with kinetic and potential energy in order to discover the properties of energy and how it is transformed from one form to another. Enter the fascinating world of forces, energy & motion and explore the magic of STEM. There are 8 models to build with this kit. A detailed instruction book is also included.

Age Recommendation: 8 Years +
Dimensions: 38cm x 27cm x 6cm (Box)
Country of Design: Cyprus
Country of Manufacture: Cyprus
Primary Material: Various
Assembly Required: Yes
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Shipping Type: Standard