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by Fauna

Rainbow Stacker Playset

Available Soon
Available Soon

This wooden rainbow playset from Fauna is a fantastic free-play toy. This toy is a unique and decorative item. The playset includes 14 wooden handcrafted pieces that can be played with in an infinite number of ways. The pieces can be stacked and arranged on the wooden cloud base. The cloud is 27cm long, 15cm wide, 2cm deep and has a vertical stacking pole (14cm tall). The pole has a flexible base that will fold over should someone fall on it. The six wooden arches of the rainbow and the yellow sun stack easily onto this wooden pole. The largest arch (of the rainbow) is red and is 13cm tall and 23.5cm wide. The smallest arch is purple and is 3.5cm tall and 7cm wide. The sun is a wooden yellow bead that has a diameter of 3.5cm and a felt sun ring that sits on it. On the cloud base, five raindrops sit in perfectly designed grooves. Each raindrop has its own groove and won’t fit in any other – like a puzzle. The raindrops are marked with dots from one to five making this a great tool to teach children how to count. This rainbow can be stacked in loads of different ways and encourages children to use their problem-solving skills and imaginations. This item is designed and manufactured in Hungary from sustainably sourced wood and finished with non-toxic dye. 

Age Recommendation: 3 Years +
Dimensions: 31cm x 22.5cm x 11cm (Box)
Country of Design: Hungary
Country of Manufacture: Hungary
Primary Material: Maple wood
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: FT10017
Shipping Type: Standard