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The Genius Square Strategic Thinking Game

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The aim of the game is to complete the square using the 9 coloured shapes, once the 7 'blockers' have been positioned. There may be times is seems impossible but there will always be at least one solution! The game can be played solo or you can race an opponent to fill the star. 

Each player receives their own 6 x 6 grid and a set of the nine different shapes, plus seven blocker pieces. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the co-ordinates that appear on the faces. Now race to fill every other space on the grid, before your opponent!

Age Recommendation: 6 Years +
Dimensions: 27cm x 27cm x 6cm (Box)
Country of Design: UK
Country of Manufacture: China
Primary Material: Wood
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Shipping Type: Standard