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Free Shipping for Orders $250+ (excludes bulky)


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Did you know?: An adult male chicken is called a "rooster" and an adult female is called a "hen". Roosters are larger, usually more brightly coloured, and have larger combs on top of their heads compared to hens. Like all Schleich animal figurines, this rooster is incredibly well made and features outstanding detail. Goes well with other Schleich figurines and many of our farm play sets.

Schleich are famous the world over for their finely detailed hand painted figurines. They have an enormous range of animals available, enabling children to experience the wide wonders of the animal kingdom; domestic animals, sea life, farm animals, Jungle animals and even prehistoric wonders. Extensive research goes into their designs to ensure that each one is incredibly realistic. 

Age Recommendation: 3 Years +
Dimensions: 6cm x 3cm x 6.5cm
Country of Design: Germany
Country of Manufacture: China
Primary Material: PVC
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap: Yes
Brand SKU: SC13825
Shipping Type: Standard