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Free Shipping for Orders Order $150* 🚚

Alimasy Warranty

All Alimasy backpacks are sold with a lifetime warranty against material or manufacturing defects.

In order for a warranty claim to be accepted, the product must have been used for the intended purpose and cared for in a responsible manner.

The lifetime warranty does not cover products which have been used in an improper manner (i.e. single strap used to carry the bag instead of both straps in tandem, dragged along the ground, overloaded to the point of zippers bursting, etc.). The warranty also does not cover general wear and tear or cosmetic changes in the fabric which may occur over time with extended use.

The lifetime warranty only applies to the original owner of the Alimasy product.  In order to place a warranty claim, proof of purchase is required from the original purchaser. Once a claim is accepted a replacement will only be shipped to the original purchaser (updates to shipping address are acceptable).

Entropy does not manage the Alimasy warranty claims process and while we are more than happy to assist you with filing the claim, some correspondence may come directly from the Alimasy company to get the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

Any replacement parts or products shipped under a warranty claim will be shipped to the customer directly by Alimasy.