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Parent Publications

Microscooters Product Comparison Chart

A useful chart that includes all Micro models and differences - a great starting point if you're unsure of what model is the best choice for you or your little one.


The below parent publications on parents, play, toys and having fun are provided by the Australian Toy Association. A summary of each publication is below, and the full document PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the headline.

Babies and play

From birth through to adulthood, everyone enjoys playing. Play is an essential activity which takes place across the world, in all cultures, and at all ages. This leaflet has been researched and produced to enable you to look at your child's development and choose toys, activities and games to suit their developmental play stage.

Fun and play with toys

A family guide on how to play and have fun with toys. This leaflet is a guide as to how busy families can make time to play together and reap the benefits without fuss and great expense. Playing together is a vital element of sharing family life. It can involve everyone, be lively or quiet, planned or spontaneous; but most of all fun!

Fun ways to spend 30 minutes

There are lots of fun ways to spend 30 minutes with your children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins and friends. This includes creative play, imaginative play and outdoor adventures. This leaflet lists lots of fun ways to spend 30 minutes playing.  

Games and play

Games are suitable for all age groups, from toddler to grandparents. They are particularly valuable for children as they can be effective teaching aids without children realising they are undertaking learning. Board games are also fabulous family fun and can offer younger children the opportunity to participate at an equal level with other family members. Turn off the TV for one night a week and try a family game - you'll have heaps of fun.  

Hobbies and play

Hobbies and play are not just about fun. Playing with hobbies is an effective method for developing real life skills. They help in the areas of problem solving, skills development (especially fine motor skills), creativity, and following instructions to achieve an outcome. They can also help in the development of fitness and gross motor coordination along with social skills.

The value of play

Play is an essential part of growing up. Through play children develop and learn about the world around them. This leaflet has been produced by the Australian Toy Association to help you select the best toys for your child. Remember to consider toy safety, and purchase your toys from a specialist toy store where the staff are trained in child development.  

Toddlers and play

Toddlers are mobile, curious and energetic as they begin to gain greater control over their bodies. This stage is an exciting time for children as they learn what is fun and what they are capable of doing. The speed of development is rapid, so try to create new play opportunities as well as repeating past activities. This leaflet provides guidelines about what toddlers can do and suitable games, toys and activities.