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Free Shipping for Orders Over $150* 🚚
Free Shipping for Orders Order $150* 🚚


We have waitlists in place for some very sought after products that are in high demand. These particular products never go "live" on our website and we sell them through a waitlist system only.

To add your name to the waitlist you need to add your email address to the "notify me" section on the product page. You will be shown a message on the screen to confirm that your email has been added to the list, however, you will not receive a confirmation email.

When we reach your name on the list you will receive an email with an offer to purchase and a limited timeframe to accept the offer before we move onto the next in line. We strongly recommend that you ensure that you mark any emails you receive from us as "not spam" to ensure that your offer is delivered directly to your inbox.

We do not advise waitlist positions. Every person on the waitlist should receive an offer to purchase at some point in time as we work through the list in the order that the emails were recorded. Waitlist offer times are currently between 3-12 months, but we cannot guarantee any specific time period.

Here are the products we currently hold waitlists for:

  • Grimm's Large Stepped Pyramid
  • Grimm's 1001 Nights Building Set
  • Grimm's Forms & Colours Building Set
  • Grimm's Lion Puzzle

Click on each of the products above to be taken directly to that product page to register your interest in the "notify me" section and in turn be added to the waitlist.

We do not accept pre-orders or pre-payments and only sell stock we physically have on hand. We reserve the right to change this process and/or pause waitlist offers at any point in time and sell or distribute our stock at our sole discretion. We appreciate there is a lot of interest in these products and the desire to have one can create some high emotions, however, if you treat our staff disrespectfully or abuse them in any way, you will be immediately removed from all waitlists.