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Magnetic Tiles Set 64pc

Available Soon
Available Soon

Let your child's imagination run wild and watch the amazing creations they will make with the 64 piece Learn & Grow Magnetic Tile Set. Magnetic tiles provide children with open-ended experiences where the only limitation is their imagination.

Each tile has strong magnets to allow for tall buildings and structures that do not continually fall down and frustrate little builders. The strong magnets have been ultrasonically plastic welded and riveted to ensure that they hold together and not break. This stops magnets from being able to escape.

The Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles have been designed to encourage imagination and promote open-ended play. Children can build castles, towers, pictures, houses, rockets, vehicles or whatever they can think of, the possibilities are endless.

The 64 piece set includes:

  • 2 large yellow squares
  • 26 small purple squares
  • 12 yellow equilateral triangles
  • 6 red right-angled triangles 
  • 10 blue isosceles triangles 
  • 4 red half squares
  • 4 blue windows

Magnetic Tile Sets can each be added to, to expand play opportunities and are compatible with all major brands. 

Age Recommendation: 3 Years +
Dimensions: 28cm x 17.5cm x 8cm (Box)
Country of Design: Australia
Country of Manufacture: China
Primary Material: ABS Plastic
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: 64pc
Shipping Type: Standard