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Hookey Board Set

Available Soon
Available Soon

This fun and traditional game can be played indoors or outside. From Riversdale, Hookey can be enjoyed by all ages and adds a fun and challenging element to family gatherings, barbecues or parties. The wooden board - designed to be hung on the wall - consists of several numbers next to hooks (the hooks must be screwed in before play).

The idea is for each player to throw their six rings one-at-a-time and the numbers are added up to give a final score. The first player to reach 101 (or a higher score agreed on prior to the game) wins the match. But it has to be this score exactly - get any higher and you lose the same numbers of points that exceed your target. There are also variations of the traditional game to keep things interesting. The set includes a board, rings and hooks, hanging hook and game instructions. Hooky Board Diameter - 30cm. 

Age Recommendation: 4 Years +
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 2cm 
Country of Design: Australia
Country of Manufacture: Australia
Primary Material: Wood
Assembly Required: Yes
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: RRHB01
Shipping Type: Standard