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Asian Elephant Female

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Schleich are famous the world over for their finely detailed hand painted figurines. Asian Elephant Female - Asian elephants look similar to African elephants, but with shorter tusks and smaller ears. Asian elephants live in family groups made up of two to 10 elephants. Like with African elephants, the groups are led by an alpha female. Experts think that elephants, thanks to their large brains, can empathise with other herd members and are able to retain information with ease such as the difference between individuals, memories of a drought or the location of good feeding grounds. Length - 13.5cm. 

Age Recommendation: 3 years +
Dimensions: 13.5cm x 6cm x 9cm
Country of Design: Germany
Country of Manufacture: China
Primary Material: PVC
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: SC14753
Shipping Type: Standard