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Free Shipping for Orders Over $150* šŸšš
Free Shipping for Orders Order $150* šŸšš


We offer a 3 month layby option to assist customers with paying their order off over an extended period.

To place a layby order you will need to enter the code LAYBY on checkout. This will reduce the total upfront payment to be 20% of your order total (i.e. $50 if your total order value is $250). We will then email you a PayPal invoice for the 80% balance of your order.

Here is what you need to know:

  • All products showing as "In Stock" on our website are eligible for layby. Sale and clearance products are also eligible for layby.
  • A minimum order value of $250 is required for every layby.
  • A 20% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of placing your order. Any products on a layby which are cancelled will result in the 20% deposit for that particular product being forfeited as theĀ Termination Fee.
  • As shipping costs are calculated separately, if your order includes a shipping charge for a bulky product, this will be charged upfront. If you cancel or amend your order and the shipping charge no longer applies, the shipping charge will be refunded in full.
  • If your deposit amount comes to under $250 and you have no bulky products in your order, the $9.95 shipping fee will also be added to the deposit total. We will deduct this amount from your PayPal invoice as your total order value will be eligible for free shipping if no bulky products are included.
  • Additional products can be added to a layby at any time, however, the original layby due date remains fixed at 3 months from the date the order was first placed.
  • Any returns from a layby order will be considered to be cancellations and will be subject to the 20% Termination Fee for every product returned.
  • Promotional offers and discount codes cannot be used on layby orders.
  • NDIS orders are not eligible for layby.

How to place a layby order:

1. Select all of the products you are wanting to layby and add them to your cart. Only "In Stock" products can be added to your cart.

2. Enter the code LAYBY on checkout and it will reduce your upfront payment down to the 20% deposit plus any applicable bulky shipping charges.

3. Pay the deposit and confirm your order.

4. Please ignore the auto-generated order confirmation emails that advise shipping estimates or ask you to confirm you have received your order. These are automated and it is not possible to turn them off for layby orders. Your order will only be shipped once it is paid for in full. We will send you a tracking number once your order is on its way.

5. Once your order is placed we will email you a PayPal Invoice for the 80% balance within 2 business days.

6. You can choose how often and how much you would like to pay off the PayPal Invoice over the 3 month period. However, we do ask that you only transfer amounts greater than $25 for every repayment.

7. Additional products can be added to a layby at any time provided the additional product/s total $50 or more. We need to put this minimum value in place to account for the administration time needed to make the updates. If you are adding to an existing layby, please use the code LAYBYADDITION so that we know to combine it with your earlier layby. When you add to an existing layby, the original payment date for the entire order remains fixed (3 months from theĀ first order date).

8. When you add products to an existing layby we will send you a confirmation email that your PayPal invoice has been updated within 2 business days.

9. Your order will be dispatched within 7 days of the layby being paid in full. If you pay off an order early, feel free to email us to let us know as we normally onlyĀ mark off the PayPal invoice payments once a week. We cannot partially dispatch any order.

10.Ā As layby involves a significant amount of extra administration compared to standard online orders, we need to ensure that this process is able to run with the least involvement and time from our Customer Service Team as possible. If an outstanding balance remains on your layby on the due date, we will send you one reminder email with 7 days to pay the balance in full. If the layby is not paid in full within this grace period, the order will be cancelled and you will be refunded everything you have paid less the 20%Ā Termination Fee.

Please Note

Pricing is fixed at the time the order is placed and no refunds or pricing adjustments will be made if any products on the order are eligible for special pricing or promotions at a later date. In the same way, if any product prices increase, you will not be required to make any additional payments to match the new pricing.

By placing a layby order on our website and using the code LAYBY on checkout, you are confirming your agreement with all of the terms noted on this page.

All layby orders are subject to all of our standardĀ Terms & Conditions ofĀ purchase. This layby process has been setup to comply with the ACCC guidelines for offering layby agreements.