Great Olympics Giveaway

Our Great Olympics Giveaway will run for the official duration of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. Every day we will announce 3 Daily Prizes - Gold, Silver and Bronze. In addition, we also have 3 Grand Prizes which will be drawn at the conclusion of the promotion.

For every $25 spent during the promotion period you will receive 1 ticket for that day's draw AND 1 ticket for the grand prize draw. For example, spend $80 on products and receive 3 tickets into the Daily Draw on the day your order is placed AND 3 tickets into the Grand Prize Draw.

Every day we will have different Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes on offer. The prizes will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook stories every day.

Each "day" will commence at 8pm the night prior. Day 1 will commence at 8pm on Friday 23 July and end at 7:59pm on Saturday 24 July. The final day will be Day 16 which will commence at 8pm on Saturday 7 August and end at 7:59pm on Sunday 8 August.

The Grand Prize Draw winners will be announced on Monday 9 August at 8pm. This draw will have 3 prizes which are all limited edition / retired products. The 3 prizes in the Grand Prize Draw are Grapat Hope, Grapat Joy and a Grimm's Sunset Rainbow. The first person drawn can choose which of the three they would like, the second person drawn can choose from the two remaining products and the third person drawn will receive the final product remaining.

The total prize pool of this giveaway is over $2000!

To enter: Place an order between 8pm Friday 23 July and 7:59pm Sunday 8 August 2021. Every $25 spent on products will earn you a ticket into both the Daily Draw AND the Grand Prize Draw.

Winners will be announced each night on our instagram and facebook stories. Winners will also be contacted by email the following day.


Grand Prize Draw Winners
Grapat Hope (EN90092-1), Grapat Joy (EN90230-4), Grimm's Sunset Rainbow (EN90244-2)

Daily Draw Winners

DAY 16: Gold - Sunray Arch (EN90256-2); Silver - Penguin Money Box (EN90232-5); Bronze - Inflatable Animal Globe (EN90246-7)

DAY 15: Gold - Grapat Rainbow Tomtens (EN90222-2); Silver - Beat the Clock Activity Set (EN90223-5); Bronze - Hollywood Clapper Board (EN90229-1)

DAY 14: Gold - Melody Mix Wall Bench (EN90212-1); Silver - Suction Kupz (EN90199-3); Bronze - Tent Lamp (EN90215-1)

DAY 13: Gold - Wooden Educational Number Blocks (EN90175-4); Silver - Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory (EN90185-2); Bronze - Siku Forklift (EN90195-2)

DAY 12: Gold - Green Bilibo (EN90167-3); Silver - Castle Blocks (EN90166-1); Bronze - Seahorse Bath Toy (EN90156-5)

DAY11: Gold - Barista Coffee Machine (EN90133-7); Silver - T4 Transforming Robot (EN90142-1); Bronze - Kids Compass (EN90148-4)

DAY 10: Gold - Ninja Timer (EN90115-14); Silver - Dodo Puzzle (EN90132-5); Bronze - Confetti Crayons (EN90129-8)

DAY 9: Gold - Maxi Hand Glider (EN90100-3); Silver - Walk the Dog Board Game (EN90102-7); Bronze - Mini Spinny (EN90088-1)

DAY 8: Gold - Rainbow Pebbles (EN90081-3); Silver - Let's Play Shops Game (EN90065-1); Bronze - Lemon Playdough (EN90078-6)

DAY 7: Gold - Kapla Natural 200 Piece Box (EN90038-3); Silver - Mermaid Dartboard Game (EN90057-2); Bronze - Terra Kids Bug Beaker (EN90048-2)

DAY 6: Gold - Amazon Rainforest Puzzle (EN90020-1); Silver - Fruit & Veg Chopping Set (EN90022-11); Bronze - Lubulona Mini Car (EN90030-1)

DAY 5: Gold - Wooden Farm Animal Display (EN90008-2); Silver - Metallophone Small (EN89995-3); Bronze - Skylicone White Glow (EN90006-2)

DAY 4: Gold - Connetix Motion Pack (EN89978-3); Silver - Dena Neon 6 Arch Rainbow (EN89986-18); Bronze - Schleich Tiger Cub (EN89970-1)

DAY 3: Gold - Indigo Jamm Doctor's Set (EN89959-4); Silver - Folkmanis Honeybee Hand Puppet (EN89961-1), Bronze - Hape Colour & Shape Sorter (EN89954-1)

DAY 2: Gold - PlanToys Beehives (EN89946-1); Silver - Bigjigs Garden Tools Set (EN89945-6); Bronze - Masterkidz Safari Wooden Puzzle (EN89943-3)

DAY 1: Gold - Grimm's Red Truck (Winner: EN89922-2); Silver - Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Duo (Winner: EN89924-1); Bronze - Grow Your Own Giant Sunflower (Winner: EN89931-7)

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • Prizes cannot be swapped, exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  • Shipping charges do not count in the total value of your order when determining the number of tickets received.
  • The Daily Draw prizes will be automatically included with the winner's order when it is dispatched. The Grand Prizes will be shipped upon the conclusion of the giveaway period. 
  • Layby orders will receive tickets according to the value of the deposit paid, not the total layby price. If a layby order is a winning order and the customer cancels or reduces the value of the layby then the prize will be forfeited. Prizes won on layby orders will only be shipped once the layby order is paid in full.
  • If a local customer wins a prize from an order number generated in store, their prize will also be available for collection in store.