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Tesla's Lamp Plasma Ball Large 20cm

Available Soon
Available Soon

Science doesn't get any cooler than this - control electricity with your fingertips! The Plasma ball is a colourful way of observing electrical discharges. Simply control the filaments using your finger to move them around the glass.

The globe is a sphere that has most of its air replaced with 3 noble (inert) gases – neon, argon and xenon. A high frequency alternating current electrode is in the centre, which discharges and excited filaments the strike inside the globe. When you touch the globe, these filaments are attracted to the spot. This globe runs on AC power and is 20cm in diameter.   

Age Recommendation: 8 Years +
Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 28cm
Country of Design: Australia 
Country of Manufacture: China
Primary Material: Various
Assembly Required: No
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: HJ-1403
Shipping Type: Standard