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by Johnco

Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Construction Kit

Available Soon
Available Soon

Build your own Hydraulic Cyborg Hand to simulate the movements of a human hand using hydraulic power for mechanical transmission without electricity. It allows every finger joint to adjust at different angles for a precisely closed fist or open palm. 

You can wear it on your own hand (either right handed or left handed) to use different grip techniques to hold a variety of items, such as bottles, balls or tiny screws, making it an interesting and fun challenge. 

Challenge your mighty hydraulic cyborg hand using your imagination!

Age Recommendation: 10 Years +
Dimensions: 38cm x 7.5cm x 29cm (Box)
Country of Design: Taiwan
Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
Primary Material: Various
Assembly Required: Yes
Gift Wrap Available: Yes
Brand SKU: FS913
Shipping Type: Standard