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Top 2018 Easter Toys

Top 2018 Easter Toys

Easter is almost upon us which means it’s time to start thinking of what the bunny is bringing. It also means that toy and gift shops much like us are starting to pump out messages to choose Easter toys over chocolate.

While we have participated in this in previous years we’re going to give it a miss for this one. It’s pretty obvious that eating your entire body weight of chocolate over the span of four days isn’t ideal and that there are other options out there. For those who are planning to eat the chocolate regardless, good for you but you’re probably wasting your time here. For those looking for an alternative, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We elves love cute Easter chickens, bashful Easter bunnies, delightful Easter ducklings and just about anything else that comes in a shade of pastel; so Easter is kinda our thing. Chief Poobah has really treated you (and us) this year by searching high-and-low to find THE CUTEST, SWEETEST and educationally superior new Easter treats. Meaning we have way more than just the stock standard and overdone plush Easter bunny toy.

So here we go, these toys are so hot your little one might actually choose them over a chocolate chip hot cross bun (no guarantees).

So there you have it folks the newest toys on the market for Easter 2018. If you want to browse our entire Easter Toy range, please click here. If you’re currently kicking yourself because you just fell in love and realised that Easter is super soon. First of all blame it on the moving date, and then give us a call (07) 4724 4555. We have a few different postage options so we might be able to make the impossible possible (again no guarantees).

From all of us Entropy Elves and Chief Poobah have a very happy Easter.

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